Saturday, November 1


It was busy evening here on Friday. I first made a big crock pot of vegetable beef stew and Jennifer and the kids had dinner with me before Trick-Or-Treat. Then we went over to help the kids I watch get ready, we were both busy painting their faces green and spraying hair black of course I had to first hot roll it and put make-up on Cori, after all witches need BLACK hair and defined eyes and lips! We all had a great time doing it. Then I drove Jennifers car back to my house because she always ends at my house. Here is a picture. L-R we have Blake: Superman, Joel: Anakin Skywalker, Cori: Elephaba from Wicked, Jayde: the little puppy dog and last but not least is Seth: Master Yoda

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Anonymous said...

All of the kids look awesome. I love that little puppy dog and the witch.