Friday, February 6

Oh Deer!

This first picture was taken from my back steps, across my next-door neighbors yard and then into the next neighbor's yard. It all started when I was out front breaking up the ice on the sidewalk when Glen (who's yard the deer were in was outside and motioned for me to come over). Invited me in to watch 'em. There were 8 in all, laying in his yard cause they had just been grazing on his shrubbery. I took some shots with my camera phone and then went home to get the digital. Like I said out on my back step armed with the camera I was getting some shots. The first one was with the 18-55mm lens.

The next picture and the rest were taken with the 55-200mm lens. What a difference that made. There were cars coming and going and on the second to last picture you can see a red jacket (person) walking up the dirveway 2 houses away from the deer. They finally get startled and I catch 'em in motion RUNNING across the street. How cool that was to spend an hour just watching and snapping amazing pictures of deer! I LOVE nature and thank the awesome maker for my eyesight often.

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