Monday, February 23

I Left My Appendix In SAN DIEGO"


So now it's 2:10 P.M. and we're at the hospital. After spending nearly an hour in a full waiting room they call us back, (fortunately they take you based on your condition not number in line) long story short, a CAT scan reveals he does require an emergency appendectomy. His pain level was shooting up, by now it's at a 7.5 out of 10, that's a lot for Sam. The pain med was not helping till they finally gave him a shot in the arm, 3 minutes later he was in less pain.

6 hours after arrival, we're taken up to pre-op it is now 8:30 p.m. They start to start to prepare him then all of a sudden another emergency, somebody comes in with massive brain swelling. We're both extremely tired but can't sleep, a few 5 minute cat naps isn't enough. Finally, 4 hours later they take Sam into surgery, supposed to "be a simple one, an hour or so".

I am going nuts by myself, I go to cafeteria for finally something to eat since breakfast (I didn't want to eat if he couldn't). I pray over and over that God will heal him and comfort me. I get the word 2.5 hrs later because I am hanging out near the surgery dept. doors when a nurse comes out I ask about him and they say he is fine, surgery is complete and the doc will be out to talk to me. It's now 3:00 A.M. They bring him out and wheel him up to recovery. Praise God for giving all the medical staff the knowledge to heal those that are sick! Your awesome!

Recovery plays 50 questions, OK seriously more like 25 but it seemed like 50. I tried to answer them but then I thought maybe they wanted Sam to. Yano, maybe to wake him up, see if he is coherent, they asked the poor guy the same question in another way on a few of them! He just had a stinkin tube down his throat ya think he wants to talk! What can ya do, oh well. Maybe I was in the recovery room too soon.

Not sure why they have a recovery room because he was only there for 30 minutes, enough to badger his throat. Next room. He is feeling nauseous when he closes his eyes and he desperately needs sleep, the nurse gives him a shot and he is feeling somewhat better. But it gets the best of him.

Clear liquids for breakfast and lunch and a few short walks up and down the hall and finally we're told he needs to come back in a week for a re-check. Ummmm, we live in OHIO, we won't be back he tells the doc. So he gets paper work and it's suggested he see his doc here. He goes to the doc on Friday well past a week, but he didn't want to go on his first day back to work and he couldn't make it on Thursday that's all they had open. And that's all I have to say, other than sorry so long of a post.

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