Thursday, September 11

Mystery Trip

One day last month (during the Olympics), Sam informed me he wanted to take me someplace. He won't tell me, and the only clue is we are driving 8 hrs. to get there. *I* have an idea where but am not saying (he reads this). Ha! I hardly think it's Niagara Falls again so soon, but that'd be fine with me. :-) He said he needs a 4 day weekend to do it and so finally we have managed to fit it into our schedule. All last month was out because he was on power point rotation for church.

My dad and Sue are planning a trip to Oklahoma to visit my brother and sister-in-law, Bonnie, but they were unsure when, due to a water line break and a big mess to tend to before any trips. They're stopping here first to take Dave's box of china to him. Jennifer brought this box back to Ohio from PA 18 months ago and it is slowly making it's way to Oklahoma.

So I am now counting down the days till we take off next Friday. 8 days to go!

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