Sunday, September 21


We left for my mystery trip Friday morning, drove 8 hrs., not to the place *I* thought it was going to be, (but I had the right idea). Drove thru Kentucky, and into Tennessee. I asked him what the hotel name was going to be and Sam just shook his head no, "can't tell ya". We arrived in Memphis, TN.

We are not Elvis fans so I knew that was out, but had no idea, but I keep eluding to the fact he was taking me to see my FAVORITE animal (other than my dog, Lilah). Every now and then I would say to him something along the lines of seeing my favorite animal. No response back.

Saturday we woke up to drizzle. It cleared up by 10 A.M. As we drive to the place, I suddenly see a picture of a panda bear on a sign. "PANDA BEAR!" (I point and shout) "HA,HA SEE, I TOLD YOU WERE TAKING ME TO SEE A PANDA BEAR!!!!" I give him a big smile and a leg squeeze, since I can't hug him while driving. Pictures to follow later. We took over 140 shots of the two pandas. I NEVER want to forget this trip.

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