Tuesday, March 31

Tippy Tuesday

I am going to start a Tuesday post giving you one of MY "tips" as I call them. So far I have several wrote down and I hope to continue this each week. This one is really amazing, I just learned it on Sunday. Actually *I* did not, nor will I attempt this because it involves styrofoam. (see Lori's Weird Tidbits a few post below this one) Anyway, I witnessed it and it actually worked by 2 different people! This is so cool..
If you have a styrofoam plate with food and you want to cover it, put an extra plate on top and SPIN it, it creates a vacuum, but make sure not to hold the rim of the bottom plate or you will be letting air in and no suction will be had.
BTW: This is my hand but I am not touching it, just close enough for the demo.
Let me know what you think. What tips do you have?


Anonymous said...

This trick was shown to us while serving dinner at the homeless shelter in town. The guy who has kitchen duty told me to try this as I was asking for foil or something to cover dinners we were leaving behind.

It doesn't seem to work real well in the refrig as I think when the plates get cold they lose their seal.

But a good temp solution should you need one.

Anonymous said...

I read you won't touch styrofoam on Kelly's blog today, so it made me think you were a tree hugger. Then I read this on your blog...are you a hypocrite?

Lori said...

Anonymous, not sure I understand what your trying to say or imply. Give me more info.